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Marc Kristian Gulle

International Wealth Manager (Asia & Middle East)

  • Corporate Secretary - Finance Educators Association of the Philippines

  • National Adviser - Junior Confederation of Finance Association

Official Facebook Page:


  • Financial Education and Advisory

  • Personal Financial Planning and Coaching

  • Finance Group Seminars and Workshops

  • Entrepreneurial Finance

  • Debt Management

  • Investment Planning

  • Wealth Building

NextGen Financial Coach

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing today's young adults or Gen Zs and the millennial generation, Marc is a trailblazing financial advisor committed to empowering them to navigate the complexities of personal finance and achieve their financial goals.

Marc is deeply engaged in addressing the specific financial concerns faced by young adults and millennials today. He actively collaborates with organizations, hosts educational workshops, and creates engaging content that empowers and educates Gen Z and Millennials on topics such as budgeting, investing, and entrepreneurship.

With his relatable approach, comprehensive knowledge, and unwavering support, Marc is your go-to resource for building a solid financial foundation and confidently stepping into a prosperous future.

Initial Online Consultation with Marc

More About Marc

Marc is a mission-driven individual who continuously seeks to further his knowledge and skills in the field of business and finance, whilst advocating financial inclusion, professional integrity, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability

Marc is one of those rare individuals who can see how the future of the financial services industry will play out in the Philippines and Asia. He provides 'independent advice' to clients which is not tied to any particular company meaning clients receive advice tailored to their needs both now and for the future.


Marc not only provides initial advice to his clients but also follows through by providing valuable ongoing advice to make sure his clients fulfill their dreams and goals. He is a rare breed of advisor in the Philippines and Asia and for those fortunate enough to use Marc's services, they will be well rewarded by his honesty and integrity in helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Work Experience

2021 | until Present

2022| until Present

2015 | until 2020

2013 | until 2017

AstraAsia - International Wealth Manager. Started as an International Financial Advisor and has later on grown its clientele now servicing clients in different parts of Asia and the Middle East.

AA POC Consultancy - Chief Operating Officer. Heading the operations for AstraAsia's business network established in the Philippines - a partnership with POC Management Consultancy.

Business Development Executive. Handled business development activities in the Philippines to support the objectives set by the country head and the head office in London and maintained, developed, and built strong & effective relationships with existing key customers & stakeholders.

International Marketing Group - Senior Marketing Director. Started as an Associate & Field Leader in 2013 educating students, professionals, and non-professionals with personal finance & practical money management.

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