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Unveiling Money Market Secrets, Exploring India's Boom & Navigating Investments in the Philippines

The Investment Team kicked off the week by finalizing another of the regular podcasts we arrange to give our clients and prospects an insight into the events currently shaping the direction of the markets. This month we were delighted to invite Canaccord Genuity and we discussed the topic of money market funds which now offers attractive yield with minimal risk.

During the week we also spent considerable time researching India’s economic growth and investment opportunities as the country is gaining interest from both fund managers and investors. The Investment team has arranged a call with Alquity – A fund manager who has over 20 years’ experience of investing in India, which will help the team understand more about India’s potential.

This week, the team participated on a joint call with a local insurance provider in the Philippines and explored their product offerings. This call was designed to better understand the local investment options in the Philippines for both local and International clients and understand if they represented good value for our clients and prospects in the Philippines.

With the big news in the US last week about the potential for the end of rising interest rates we also reviewed client portfolios and reviewed various bond funds which we would consider adding to client portfolios to benefit from declining yields in the US.

As we also come to the end of the year and markets are once again showing positive signs we are seeing significant inflows of new money from our advisors in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. This is keeping my colleague JC and I busy providing ‘Investment Reports’ for this new money.


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