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Emerging Markets with Kieron Kader of Alquity Investment Management

Updated: Feb 26

In our latest podcast episode, Astra engages in a compelling conversation with Kieron Kader, Associate Portfolio Manager at Alquity Investment Management, exploring the intricate dynamics of Emerging Markets. With a decade of investment industry expertise and a focus on emerging and frontier markets for the past 7 years, Kieron provides invaluable insights into the world of global finance. 


Established in 2010, Alquity began actively managing funds in 2014, with a vision to make positive impacts through responsible and sustainable investments. Kieron, an integral member of Alquity for 5 years, co-manages three emerging funds, showcasing a dedication to unlocking potential within these dynamic markets. 


During the podcast, Kieron delves into the differences between active and passive management in the context of Emerging Markets. This insightful discussion offers listeners a nuanced understanding of the strategies employed by Alquity in navigating these markets actively. 


Key Highlights: 

  • Insider Insights: Kieron's decade of experience in the industry provides listeners with unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within emerging markets. 

  • In-depth Analysis: The podcast explores Alquity's research methodologies, shedding light on the strategies that drive successful investment outcomes in these markets. 

  • Active vs. Passive Management: Kieron discusses the merits and considerations of active and passive management in the context of emerging markets, offering valuable insights for investors. 

  • Differentiation of Markets: Listeners gain an understanding of the distinctions between emerging and frontier markets, empowering them to make informed investment decisions. 

  • Sustainability Focus: Alquity's commitment to responsible investing and positive impact is a recurring theme, appealing to those interested in sustainable finance. 


This podcast is a must-listen for investors, financial professionals, and anyone keen on understanding the intricacies of Emerging Markets. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio or someone exploring the world of finance, Kieron Kader's expertise provides valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of emerging and frontier markets.


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