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Festive Finances: Wrapping Up the Year in Investments, Celebrations, and Market Insights

Another busy week for the Investment team as we prepare for the coming holidays. Many of the companies we work with shut down over Christmas and New Year so we made sure all transactions for clients about income payments are taken care off. On Thursday we also celebrated Christmas with our other colleagues in the Philippines by catching up for a Christmas lunch in Manila and making a Christmas video for clients. In the markets we saw a fairly stable week with a slightly positive bias enabling markets to build on the previous weeks gains. Both Bonds and Equities retain their bullish outlook with cash still offering good returns as well.

The team was also busy producing an article about ‘Christmas Rally’ as historically this has normally been a good time for investors. In this article readers would be enlightened on the historical stock market movement which provides optimism during these periods. We are also working on finalizing contractual details with a new product provider to facilitate the need of a client that wishes to invest in a highly personalized investment. Astra not only caters to retails clients but also works with ‘professional clients’ allowing them to have access to different assets or investments that are not normally available to retail investors.

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