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India: A Rising Investment Destination

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In December 2023, we highlighted the promising investment opportunities in India in this article:

Mike Sell, Head of Global Emerging Market Equities at Alquity Investment Management, provides further insights, focusing on the Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund. Achieving a remarkable return of 18.82% (in USD) over the one year from March 06, 2023, to March 06, 2024, this fund showcases the potential of the Indian market.

India's Growth Story

India has grown remarkably in its stock market capitalization over the past decade. From being the 10th largest market in 2014, it has surged to the 4th in 2024. This consistent upward trajectory makes India an investment destination that cannot be ignored.

Despite global economic uncertainties, India maintains a robust GDP growth rate of 8.40% and controlled inflation at 5.10%, making it an attractive prospect for investors. With the upcoming elections, there is widespread anticipation that Prime Minister Modi will secure another term, potentially leading to more business-friendly policies to stimulate the economy further.

The Appeal of the Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund

The Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund focuses on diverse businesses poised for long-term growth rather than simply tracking the index. For instance, Lemon Tree Hotels, one of the fund's holdings, recently inaugurated the largest hotel in India, aligning with the booming travel industry in the country. This demonstrates the fund's ability to capitalize on such opportunities for the benefit of its investors.

India's emergence as a preferred destination for businesses seeking alternatives to China has further enhanced its investment appeal. As India moves towards a more organized economy, numerous opportunities arise, especially in the rapidly growing rural sector. With these dynamics in play, the Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund is positioned to deliver satisfactory performance.

What It Means for Investors

India presents compelling long-term opportunities for those seeking exposure to emerging markets. By investing in high-quality stocks, the Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund ensures that investors are well-positioned to capitalize on India's growth trajectory.

Active management allows us to adjust to market opportunities and risks, ensuring that the fund meets our clients' expectations.

Learn More with Astra

Discover the potential of funds like the Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund and more with Astra. We can help you understand how these funds align with your financial goals and provide tailored advice to support your journey toward financial success.


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