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Investment Outlook for 2024 with Nathan Sweeney

Updated: Jun 5

We are delighted to speak with Nathan Sweeney who is the CIO for Marlborough.

Marlborough has a long and successful history of managing client money and their funds cover all aspects of the investing world.

Nathan has been working in the fund industry since 1999 and has an extensive knowledge of the markets. In today's Podcast, we discuss the investment outlook for 2024 and why it is important to ignore the noise from the media and focus on the real news that affects the markets. During the Podcast, we focus on the impact of interest rates and inflation and why in 2024 this is likely to support both equities and bonds.

For the longer term investor or for those with a higher tolerance to risk we also look at a few opportunities that Nathan will discuss as interest rates come down in 2024


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