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Moving Abroad for Work or Retirement with Urs Bolt

Are you considering a move abroad for work or retirement? Perhaps you're already living abroad and navigating the complexities of international finance and lifestyle adjustments. If so, this podcast is for you.

In this episode, we dive deep into the evolving landscape of global mobility, financial regulations, and the challenges faced by individuals moving abroad. Our guest, Urs Bolt, brings over 35 years of expertise in wealth management, investment banking, and technology businesses to the conversation.

Throughout the discussion, Urs shares valuable insights on the changes in expatriate dynamics over the past two decades, highlighting the impact of globalization, technology, and shifting geopolitical landscapes. From the complexities of cross-border financial regulations to the role of fintech in easing expatriate life, Urs offers practical advice and solutions.

We explore pressing questions such as the adequacy of financial services for expatriates, the challenges with pension schemes for a mobile workforce, and the importance of flexible financial setups in uncertain times.

As the podcast unfolds, Urs provides actionable strategies for protecting family and financial assets, emphasizing the importance of education, networking, and seeking expert guidance.

Whether you're a seasoned expatriate or contemplating a move abroad, this podcast equips you with the knowledge and resources to navigate the complexities of international living and financial planning.

Don't miss out on this insightful conversation with Urs Bolt. Tune in now and embark on your journey towards financial well-being and global mobility.

Connect with Urs Bolt:

Website: Bolt Money

LinkedIn: Urs Bolt


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