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The Astra Team in Budapest

Astra recently had the pleasure of welcoming Suresh Mistry, the head of sustainability at Alquity Investment Management, to their office in Budapest. During his visit, Astra Director James Hartland had the opportunity to meet the team in Budapest, along with Martin Kinsey, Astra’s Director in Europe.

The Astra team in Budapest with Suresh Mistry of Alquity Investment Management

Budapest is a crucial market for Astra in Europe, and the visit of Suresh, James, and Martin underscores the significance Astra places on its outstanding team in Hungary.

Alquity has recently acquired VAM Funds, and Suresh was able to discuss the advantages this merger provides to Alquity and its key partners like Astra.

Astra office in Budapest, Hungary

As the financial world consolidates, the relationships that Astra has with key partners like Alquity will help us to deliver ever-improving and more consistent results for our valued clients.


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