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The Changing Offshore Savings & Pension environment

Updated: Jun 5

During this Podcast we discuss the changing offshore savings and pension environment and how the new products can help you to give your financial goals a boost as we enter 2024.

Today we were delighted to invite Phil Story for our latest podcast.

Phil is the Senior Executive Officer & Head of Distribution - Europe, Middle East and Africa for Investors Trust Assurance.

Phil is also the Chairman of the Board for the DIFC Insurance Association.

Phil has over two decades of experience in the offshore financial market and his experience and knowledge is invaluable. During our podcast we discuss the changes that have happened in the offshore savings market over the last 30 years. We highlight some of the issues with the old style products and discuss how technology and a growing offshore market have made these new offshore savings products more affordable and transparent.

As we look forward to a New Year many of us will be thinking about our financial plans and this podcast is designed to encourage those of you reviewing your plans to take advantage of the changes that have occurred in the offshore market. These changes make these products affordable now to almost all ‘International Employees’ and can form the base for a solid financial future.

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