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SOS Children's Villages Drawing

SOS Children's Villages has provided care to children in need the Philippines since 1967. Children who have experienced neglect and abandonment live with a loving family with SOS until they're independent.

You can learn more about SOS here on their website: SOS Children's Villages Philippines

As per Astra's yearly tradition, we will be donating money to SOS and Marc will be hosting a financial literacy talk virtually to all of their employees across the Philippines at no cost (they are operating in Cebu and Davao as well).

We're also planning to meet with the kids physically and give them some Christmas treats.

We asked SOS to send us some Christmas drawings/art from the kids themselves which we will be sending out to our valued clients for Christmas. The goal of the campaign is to encourage donations to their noble cause and to also thank them. Because of their continued trust and partnership with Astra, we are able to continue our support to the SOS.

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