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International Life Insurance with Michael Smethurst of Atlas Life

Updated: Jun 5

In this episode, we are honored to have Mr. Michael Smethurst, the Regional Manager for Asia at Atlas Life. Michael brings a wealth of experience, having navigated the intricacies of the industry since 2009. Teaming up with Atlas Life, we aim to not only offer comprehensive coverage but also to unravel the complexities of international life insurance for our valued clients.

Michael Smethurst is no stranger to the world of international finance. Trained in the UK, he began his journey as a financial planner in Cambodia, specializing in serving expatriate clients. Over the years, Michael honed his expertise, working with renowned institutions like the DeVere Group. In 2017, Michael decided to take a different path, leaving behind being an International Financial Advisor. Now, as the Regional Manager for Asia at Atlas Life, he brings a unique perspective to the table, sharing his insights into the evolving landscape of international life insurance.

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